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When my husband (Dean) was living, he had two loves:  Boy and his longhorns.  He got his first two bulls from a friend who maintains a herd of them here and one in Tennessee.  He’s the same eccentric, mountain-man friend of the Muffler Morgue post.  The two babies, whom Dean christened « Tom and Jerry », were sickly little critters.  Dean had them delivered to our vet, Tom Moscatelli, who kept them for weeks while he nursed them back to health and turned them into steers.  Longhorns are ‘good-fer-nuthin’ cattle who are kept nostalgically to look at, I suppose.  Tom and Jerry were not much to look at.  Dean built a corral and a fence around the back acres of our plant property for his new herd of two stringy little steers.

Tom and Jerry

He fed them the best food including Bull Builder that was supposed to transform them into mighty steers.  He sat…

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